Wednesday, February 10, 2010

attorney in me

i`m getting tired =(

i was thinking these passed few days.. i`m thinking to take some break..

pag gnawa qu un 4 sure i`ll be missing a lot
i wanna take my studies seriously this time but there`s this force pulling me back from all the plans i have ahead...

well karma strikes and it alredy hit me.. so hard that i feel in the ground... =(

am i that selfish???!! am i that bad???!!!!
most of them says yes!!!
what the f **k!!!

i`m just trying to defend myself!!!

please do your own thing as much as i am doing mine...

i`m tired of those none sense, bragging comment of you guys bout me..

i just chose to love myself a little more and if that`s how you define selfishness...
well then maybe,
i am selfish..