Wednesday, February 10, 2010

attorney in me

i`m getting tired =(

i was thinking these passed few days.. i`m thinking to take some break..

pag gnawa qu un 4 sure i`ll be missing a lot
i wanna take my studies seriously this time but there`s this force pulling me back from all the plans i have ahead...

well karma strikes and it alredy hit me.. so hard that i feel in the ground... =(

am i that selfish???!! am i that bad???!!!!
most of them says yes!!!
what the f **k!!!

i`m just trying to defend myself!!!

please do your own thing as much as i am doing mine...

i`m tired of those none sense, bragging comment of you guys bout me..

i just chose to love myself a little more and if that`s how you define selfishness...
well then maybe,
i am selfish..


  1. ayus ah... akala ko kung sinong rose ahahaha... btw nice post ah.... idol... kip it up... hhehehehe wag ka ng sad... bout sa sinabi mong force na unti unti kang hinihila pababa... parang nakakarelate ako... wala lang share lang ... welcome sa blogsphere

  2. ang drama mo..haha..

    elcome s blogsphere.