Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ilang tao nba ang naringgan q at nsgsabng naiinggt cla dahl STRONG dw aq..
strong nga b?

cguro kng ang definition ag paggng strong ay ung kaya mung mgsmile inspite evrything wasnt seem so right?..,
cguro nga strong aq..

aq kc ung klase ng taong hndi plakwento s iba..kht super open n nla sakn.. sumtyms they also call me thats wat i am..

auq lng..o taqt aq mgmukang pathetic s harap ng iba..i`d rather die alone in my own pain.. kesa ishare ang problema. alm q nmnang wla rn clang mga2wa e..

me mga pgkakataon n ngbbreakdown dn aq,
im crying my heart out most of the times..
like i wanted to shout it out so it woudn`t hurt anymore..

but then ..
crying is the best thing i feel like doing.
i`m not as strong as they think i am..

i just have to take some break in my own space,and for sure i`ll be better.